The Code is my religion

So, please, don't whistle in my church.

I am Catalin Rizea, always a padawan learner of the Developers Order.

What I can do for you



Mobile Development

React Native development for iOS, tvOS, Android based mobile devices. Experience in asimilating cutting edge technologies, building, testing, maintaining large scale mobile applications.


Web Development

JavaScript centered, front-end focused web developer. Experience in designing, developing and maintaining enterprise resources management, email marketing, self servicing, video on demand web applications.


IoT Development

Arduino IDE based applications. Experience in designing, building, testing software for Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, ESP8266, ESP32 microcontrollers for a various range of transducers and actuators.

People I was lucky to work with

Are saying

Alex McFadyen

Senior Vice President Of Technology

Branded Entertainment Network

Catalin worked as a contractor with our team, he hit the ground running and was a huge asset to the team despite his short contract length. His can do and personable attitude have made him a pleasure to work with and his technical expertise mean he has could handle any task he has been given. The next project he works on is lucky to have him.

Past and present jobs

Work experience

  • Freelancer

    Front-End Developer. Real estate web and mobile application (React, Next.js, React Native, GraphQL, Amazon Web Services), BVM ventilator application for mobile and ESP32, Arduino Nano development boards (React Native, C++ Arduino IDE, Fritzing, Bluetooth Low Energy), medical equipment tracker web application (React, GraphQL, Hasura), demo Apple TV application (React Native tvOS, GraphQL, customized video controls for Siri remote), personal blog (Gatsby, GraphQL).

  • Makeen, USA

    Lead Front-End Developer. Video on demand platform for a major entertainment corporation, mobile (iOS, Android) and Apple TV applications (React Native, Redux, Jest, styled components, internationalization, custom video players and stream bundle managers). Researched transport protocols (HLS, MPEG-DASH), encryption (FairPlay, Widevine), Azure Media Services for DRM protected video streams and briefed the team. Proposed, obtained approval and implemented an improved git version control workflow for multiple environments. Offered occasional support to the web application team.

  • Wirestorm, USA

    Fullstack Web Developer. Fleet management web application for an oil & gas company (AngularJS, Redux, Docker), web application for an entartainment network (React, AngularJS, Jest), gas & go web and mobile application for a wholesale corporation (React, React Native), web crawler and price comparison web p.o.c. application for the same company (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Azure Search, React, D3), encrypted video sharing application internal p.o.c. (Node.js, Hapi.js).

  • EmailWing, Romania

    Co-founder, owner, general manager, web developer for the email marketing platform. Architected and developed the back-end and front-end. Created services for importing lists, segmenting, campaign creation, reporting, bounce and spam complaints automated processing, sending daemons, feedback-loop, push-back throttle for the sending system. Technologies: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Symfony 2, REST, AWS S3, Drupal.

Things I believe in

The Code

  • Common sense

    The end-users of my work are my “gods”. If I am smart enough and worthy enough I will understand their needs and I will create something useful for them. Something that will make their life a little better.

  • Humility

    I do not forget I am in a business where it does not matter where you were born, who your parents are, how much money you have in your bank account. Software development is a great equalizer forcing you to keep your head down and to put in the working hours.

  • Responsibility

    I live in a golden age of peace, prosperity, and technological expansion. It is amazing luck to live on planet Earth right now. I do not take that for granted. I know that there is a lot of suffering and problems, still. I am assuming my part to do good as much as I can.

  • Loyalty

    My teammates are like a “second family”. We spend a lot of time together so I do all I can for this time to be of a high quality. I am learning from my colleagues, I am inspired by them, I help them if they need it, we share the burden. I always give credit where credit is due.

  • Extreme ownership

    I am the only one responsible for failure. And I really hate failure. I am doing all I can to ensure the success of the project I am part of. The truth might sometimes wound my ego but it is the only way to hit the mark.