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Catalin Rizea August 06, 2020

Customize useReducer React hook for asynchronous requests and actions logging

Create a useReducer custom React hook to be able to dispatch JWT authenticated asynchronous requests with Axios. Add actions logging for development environment.

Catalin Rizea July 21, 2020

Add a rate limiter and a message broker to your Node.js API

Mitigate DDoS and brute force attacks with a rate limiter. Distribute time-consuming tasks among multiple workers with a RabbitMQ message broker. This is a follow up of the previous API related post.

Catalin Rizea July 19, 2020

Node.js API for authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and refresh tokens

Nuts and bolts of a Node.js API for authentication and authorization using JSON Web Tokens (JWT), refresh tokens, Sequelize with PostgreSQL, Swagger OAS3 documentation, Jest & Supertest.

Catalin Rizea July 05, 2020

Setup https for a local domain name using your own root CA

This is the second episode of a guide on how you can set up HTTPS for a server on the local network by creating your own SSL Certificate Authority.

Catalin Rizea July 05, 2020

BIND 9 DNS setup for local domain names

As a developer, you may need a server on the local network being accessible via HTTPS. This is the first episode of a guide on how you can achieve this by spinning up a Bind 9 DNS service on your LAN to be able to access the web server by its name.